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Why Success Health

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We specialize in biotechnology research and manufacturing. 

We aspire to provide our community with advanced technologies and create solutions that adapt to its needs.

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Our management team has over 30 years of management experience.

Quality and safety are our highest priorities. We diligently manage our supply chain for your protection.

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Dr Norman Lai

Chief scientific advisor


  • One of the first to prove lentivirus's usage as a beneficial reagent for both gene therapy and research (

  • First enzyme replacement therapy used in clinical treatment for Gaucher Disease. 

  • SBIR award from America's National Institute of Health to conduct researches on prostate cancer treatment and stem cell therapy on degenerative diseases. 

  • Multiple patents from USPTO 

  • Co-published an article outlining successful gene therapy on autoimmune diseases in Nature


  • Founder of Vast Sea LLC

  • Founder of Advance MediGene (AMG)

  • Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at Rafagen

  • Chief Technology Officer at ibex Bioscience


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Dr John Powers

Production advisor

Education & awards:

  • Bachelor of Science at the University of Maryland School of Microbiology

  • MBA at the University of Maryland College

  • Doctorate in University of Maryland Graduate School of Medicine

Life experience:

  • Epidemiological case consultant in C.D.C. 

  • Post-graduate research in NIH 

  • Research and developed new products at Precision Media 

  • Co-founder of PTBP² Holdings

  • Founder of KSD Scientific INC & Baltimore Bloworks, Inc